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    Lesson Plans, Teacher's Guides, Novel Unit Plans, Study Guides, and more for: Carey, Patsy
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  1. ">   Activities for Any Literature Unit Activities (by Patsy Carey) Teacher Created Resources (Amazon.com) ">x

  2. "> Actively Engaging Middle School Readers: One Teacher's Story (by ) ">x

  3. ">   Altered Voices (Book) (by Lucy Sussex) (Amazon.com) ">x

  4. ">   Begin Here: the Forgotten Conditions of Teaching and Learning (Book) (by Jacques Barzun) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  5. "> The Blackboard Jungle QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Evan Hunter) eNotes ">x

  6. ">   Bridging English (2nd ed.) (Book) (by Joseph and Lucy Milner) (Amazon.com) ">x

  7. "> The Broken Web: the Educational Experience of Hispanic American Women (Book) (by Teresa McKenna) (Amazon.com) ">x

  8. "> Circles of Learning: Cooperation in the Classroom (Book) (by David W. Johnson) (Amazon.com) ">x

  9. ">   Class Dismissed: A Year in the Life of an American High School (Book) (by Meredith Maran) (Amazon.com) ">x

  10. ">   Comprehensive Classroom Management (6th Edition) (Book) (by Vernon F. and Louise S. Jones) (Amazon.com) ">x

  11. ">   The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life (Book) (by Parker J. Palmer) (Amazon.com) ">x

  12. "> Crossing the Mainstream: Multicultural Perspectives in Teaching Literature (Book) (by Eileen Iscoff Oliver) NCTE (Amazon.com) ">x

  13. ">   Crossing the Tracks: How Untracking Can Save America's Schools (Book) (by Anne Wheelock) (Amazon.com) ">x

  14. ">   Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know (Book) (by E.D. Hirsch-Jr.) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  15. ">   Culture and Power in the Classroom: A Critical Foundation for Bicultural Education (Book) (by Antonia Darder) (Amazon.com) ">x

  16. "> Early Britain: the Celtics Romans and Anglo-Saxons (Book) (by W. Norman Pittenger) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  17. "> The Educator's Quotebook (Book) (by Edgar Dale) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  18. ">   The Elements of Teaching (Book) (by James M. Banner) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  19. "> Readings on English as a Second Language (Book) (by Kenneth Croft) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  20. "> Exchanging Writing Exchanging Cultures: Lessons in School Reform from the United States and Great Britain (Book) (by Sarah Warshauer Freedman) (Amazon.com) ">x

  21. ">   Extraordinary Teachers: the Essence of Excellent Teaching (Book) (by Fred Stephenson) (Amazon.com) ">x

  22. ">   Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls (Book) (by Myra and David Sadler) (Amazon.com) ">x

  23. ">   The Freedom Writers Diary (Book) (by Erin Gruwell-and-the-Freedom-Writers) (Amazon.com) ">x

  24. ">   Girls Speak Out: Finding Your True Self (Book) (by Andrea Johnston) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  25. "> Grammar for Teachers: Perspectives and Definitions (Book) (by Constance Weaver) NCTE (Amazon.com) ">x

  26. ">   How to Handle the Paper Load: Classroom Practices in Teaching English 1979-1980 (Book) (by NCTE) NCTE (Amazon.com) ">x

  27. ">   I Read It But I Don't Get It (Book) (by Cris Tovani) (Amazon.com) ">x

  28. ">   If You're Trying to Teach Kids How to Write You've Gotta Have This Book (Book) (by Marjorie Frank) (Amazon.com) ">x

  29. ">   Image Grammar: Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing (Book) (by Harry R. Noden) (Amazon.com) ">x

  30. ">   In the Middle: Writing Reading and Learning With Adolescents (Book) (by Nancie Atwell) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  31. "> Juniorplots: A Book Talk Manual for Teachers and Librarians (Book) (by John Gillespie) (Amazon.com) ">x

  32. "> Literacy as Social Exchange: Intersections of Class Gender and Culture (Book) (by Maureen M. Hourigan) (Amazon.com) ">x

  33. "> Mastery of English Grammar and Mechanics Individualized Program (by James Scott) James S. Scott Prestwick House (Amazon.com) ">x

  34. "> Methods and Strategies for Teaching in Secondary and Middle Schools (2nd ed.) (Book) (by Kenneth T. Henson) (Amazon.com) ">x

  35. ">   Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader's Workshop (Book) (by Ellin Oliver Keene) (Amazon.com) ">x

  36. "> The Multicolored Mirror: Cultural Substance in Literature for Children and Young Adults (Book) (by * Cooperative-Children's-Book-Center) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  37. "> Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives (Book) (by James and Cherry A. McGee Banks) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  38. ">   Music of the Heart (Book) (by Roberta Guaspari) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  39. ">   My First Year As A Teacher (Book) (by Pearl Rock Kane) (Amazon.com) ">x

  40. ">   No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court (Book) (by Edward Humes) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  41. ">   Nonfiction Matters: Reading Writing and Research in Grades 3-8 (Book) (by Stephanie Harvey) (Amazon.com) ">x

  42. ">   Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom (Book) (by Lisa Delpit) (Amazon.com) ">x

  43. ">   Our Labeled Children: What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know About Learning Disabilities (Book) (by Robert J. Stemberg) (Amazon.com) ">x

  44. ">   Out Last Best Shot: Guiding Our Children Through Early Adolescence (Book) (by Laura Sessions Stepp) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  45. ">   The Passionate Teacher: A Practical Guide (Book) (by Robert L. Fried) (Amazon.com) ">x

  46. ">   The Penguin Short History of English Literature (Book) (by Stephen E. Coote) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  47. ">   Quizzes for 220 Great Children's Books: the Quest Motivational Reading Program Quizzes (by Polly Wickstrom) Polly Jean Wickstrom Gr.3-8 Teacher's Ideas Press/Reed Elsevier (Amazon.com) ">x

  48. ">   Radical Equations (Book) (by Robert Moses) (Amazon.com) ">x

  49. ">   Real-Life Reading Activities for Grades 6-12: Over 200 Ready-to-Use Lessons and Activities to Help Students Master Practical Reading Skills (Book) (by James F. Silver) (Amazon.com) ">x

  50. ">   Real-Life Writing Activities for Grades 4-9 (Book) (by Cherlyn Sunflower) (Amazon.com) ">x

  51. ">   Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls (Book) (by Mary Pipher) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  52. ">   School Girls: Young Women Self-Esteem and the Confidence Gap (Book) (by Peggy Orenstein) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  53. ">   Seeking Diversity: Language Arts With Adolescents: Best-Liked Books (Book) (by Linda Rief) (Amazon.com) ">x

  54. "> The Shopping Mall High School: Winners and Losers in the Educational Marketplace (Book) (by Arthur G. Powell) (Amazon.com) ">x

  55. ">   Small Victories: the Real World of a Teacher Her Students and Their High School (Book) (by Samuel G. Freedman) (Amazon.com) ">x

  56. "> Stories Lives Tell: Narrative and Dialogue in Education (Book) (by Carol WitherellandNelNoddings) (Amazon.com) ">x

  57. "> The Teacher from the Black Lagoon Lesson Plan (by Mike Thaler) TeacherVision ">x

  58. "> Teaching English as a Second Langauge: Techniques and Procedures (Book) (by Christina Bratt Paulston) (Amazon.com) ">x

  59. ">   Teaching Reading in Middle School (Book) (by Laura Robb) (Amazon.com) ">x

  60. ">   Teaching Stories (Book) (by Judy Logan) (Amazon.com) ">x

  61. ">   Teaching With Dear America Books (Book) (by Dear America) (Amazon.com) ">x

  62. ">   Teaching with Favorite Newbery Books (Grades 4-8) (book) (by Misc) (Amazon.com) ">x

  63. ">   Teaching With Love and Logic (Book) (by Jim Lee) (Amazon.com) ">x

  64. "> The Teahouse of the August Moon Study Guide PDF (by John Patrick) eNotes ">x

  65. ">   Time for Meaning: Crafting Literate Lives in Middle and High School (Book) (by Randy Bomer) (Amazon.com) ">x

  66. ">   To Teach: the Journey of a Teacher (2nd ed.) (Book) (by William Ayers) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  67. ">   Tools for Teaching (Book) (by Fred Jones) (Amazon.com) ">x

  68. ">   Tools for Thought: Graphic Organizers for Your Classroom (book) (by Misc) (Amazon.com) ">x

  69. ">   A Tribe Apart: A Journey Into the Heart of American Adolescence (Book) (by Patricia Hersch) (Amazon.com) ">x

  70. ">   Urban Teaching: the Essentials (Book) (by Lois Weiner) (Amazon.com) ">x

  71. "> What the Children Taught Me (Revised Ed.) (Book) (by Jack Greenstein) (Amazon.com) ">x

  72. "> What's Going On? Language/Learning Episodes in British and American Classrooms Grades 4-13 (Book) (by Mary Barr) (Amazon.com) ">x

  73. ">   When They Don't All Speak English: Integrating the ESL Student (Book) (by Patricia Rigg) (Amazon.com) ">x

  74. "> Whole Language: What's the Difference? (Book) (by Carole Edelsky) (Amazon.com) ">x

  75. ">   Will My Name Be Shouted Out: Reaching Inner City Students Through thePower of Writing (Book) (by Stephen O'Connor) (Amazon.com) ">x

  76. "> Memoir The Stuff of Our Lives unit by Barbara Peardon (by ) ">x

  77. "> Looking Back Together: Phenomenology and Nurturing the Reflective Lens in Student Writing (by ) ">x

  78. "> Journal Writing Web Links (by ) ">x

  79. "> Winning Year One: A Survival Guide for First Year Teachers (7th ed.) (Book) (by Carol Fuery) (Amazon.com) ">x

  80. "> Writing in the Secondary School: English and the Content Areas (Book) (by Arthur N. Applebee) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  81. ">   You Are Thinking of Teaching? Opportunities Problems Realities (Book) (by Seymour B. Sarason) (Amazon.com) ">x

  82. ">   Your First Year as a High School Teacher (Book) (by Lynne Rominger) (Amazon.com) ">x

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