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  1. "> Alan Shepard (Book) (by Alan Shepard) Tamra Orr (Amazon.com) ">x

  2. "> Albert Einstein QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Elma Ehrlich Levinger) eNotes ">x

  3. "> Alexander the Great QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Charles Mercer) eNotes ">x

  4. ">   All Over but the Shoutin' (Shouting) (Book) (by Richard Bragg) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  5. ">   The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom (Book) (by Katherine Arnoldi) Gr.9-12 (Amazon.com) ">x

  6. "> American Painter in Paris: A Life of Mary Cassatt QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Ellen Wilson) eNotes ">x

  7. ">   Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary: A Photographic Remembrance (Book) (by Ruud VanDerRol) Gr.9-12 (Amazon.com) ">x

  8. ">   Arthur Ashe: Breaking the Color Barrier in Tennis (Book) (by David Wright) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  9. "> At the Controls: Women in Aviation (Book) (by Carol S. Briggs) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  10. "> At the End of Words: A Daughter's Memoir Reader's Guide (by Miriam Stone) Candlewick Press ">x

  11. ">   Bonnie Blair: Golden Streak (Book) (by Cathy Breitbucher) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  12. "> Chief Joseph Leader of Destiny Quizzes and Activities (by Kate Jassem) Mountain City Elementary School (Tenn.) ">x

  13. "> Chief Joseph: War Chief of the Nez Perce QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Brent Kenneth Ashabranner Russell Gerard Davis) eNotes ">x

  14. "> Crazy Horse: Great Warrior of the Sioux QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Doris Shannon Garst) eNotes ">x

  15. "> Damned Strong Love: the True Story of Willi G. and Stephan K. (Book) (by Lutz VanDijk) Gr.9-12 (Amazon.com) ">x

  16. "> A Fire in Her Bones: the Story of Mary Lyon (Book) (by Dorothy Schack Rosen) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  17. "> Traveling the Underground Railroad: Harriett Tubman: the Road to Freedom Unit Plan (by Rae Bains) Gr.3-5 SolutionSite ">x

  18. "> Jimi Hendrix (Book) (by Rita J Markel) (Amazon.com) ">x

  19. "> John Lennon QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Richard Wootton) eNotes ">x

  20. "> John Muir: Young Naturalist Discussion Questions (by Montrew Dunham) Gr.4-6 FiveInARow.com ">x

  21. "> Journey toward Freedom: the Story of Sojourner Truth QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Jacqueline Bernard) eNotes ">x

  22. ">   Kristi Yamaguchi: Artist on Ice (Book) (by Shiobhan Donohue) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  23. "> Margaret Bourke-White: Racing with a Dream (Book) (by Catherine A. Welch) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  24. "> Margret Howth: A Story of To-Day Study Guide PDF (by Rebecca Harding Davis) eNotes ">x

  25. "> Marie Curie and Her Daughter Irene (Book) (by Rosalynd Pflaum) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  26. "> Martin Luther King: the Peaceful Warrior Bookfolio Activity Guide (by Ed Clayton) LiteraturePlace.com ">x

  27. "> Matthew Henson: Explorer Bookfolio Activity Guide (by Michael Gilman) LiteraturePlace.com ">x

  28. "> Maya Lin (Book) (by Bettina Ling) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  29. ">   Maya Lin: Architect and Artist (Book) (by Mary Malone) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

  30. "> Meet Abraham Lincoln Reader's Guide (by Barbara Cary) Random House ">x

  31. "> Meet George Washington Reader's Guide (by Joan Heilbroner) Random House ">x

  32. "> Michelangelo QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Elizabeth Ripley) eNotes ">x

  33. "> Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution QuickNotes Study Guide PDF (by Jiang Ji-Li) eNotes ">x

  34. ">   Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner (Book) (by F.X. Toole) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  35. "> Roy Blount JR. (Book) (by Roy Blount) Jerry Elijah Brown (Amazon.com) ">x

  36. "> Royal Diaries: Sondok: Princess of the Moon and Stars - Korea A.D. 595 Discussion Guide (by Sheri Holman) Scholastic ">x

  37. "> Royal Diaries: Victoria: May Blossom of Brittania - England 1829 Discussion Guide (by Anna Kirwan) Scholastic ">x

  38. ">   A Single Square Picture: A Korean Adoptee's Search for her Roots (Book) (by Katy Robinson) (Amazon.com) ">x

  39. ">   Sports Great Darryl Strawberry (Book) (by John Torres) 6.3 (Amazon.com) ">x

  40. ">   Sports Great Herschel Walker (Book) (by Jim Benagh) 6.4 (Amazon.com) ">x

  41. ">   Stolen Dreams Portraits of Working Children (Book) (by Robert Conrow) Adult/All (Amazon.com) ">x

  42. ">   The Stones Cry Out: A Cambodian Childhood 1975-1980 (Book) (by Molyda Szymusiak) Gr.9-12 (Amazon.com) ">x

  43. "> We Just Want to Live Here: A Palestinian Teenager an Israeli Teenager - An Unlikely Friendship Teacher's Guide PDF (by Amal Rifa'I) Holtzbrinck ">x

  44. "> What Manner of Man: A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. (Book) (by Lerone Bennett) Middle (Amazon.com) ">x

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